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He could only be removed by violence – “Darkness At Noon” – Arthur Koestler

July 25th, 2012 · No Comments · Leadership, Politics

‘My father considered that one day the cup would overflow and the Party would depose him or force him to resign; and that the opposition must propagate this idea.’

‘And Rubashov?’

‘Rubashov laughed at my father, and repeated that he was a fool and a Don Quixote. Then he declared that No. 1 was no accidental phenomenon, but the embodiment of a certain human characteristic – namely, of an absolute belief in the infallibility of one’s own conviction, from which he drew the strength for his complete unscrupulousness. Hence he would never resign from power of his own free will, and could only be removed by violence. One could hope for nothing from the Party either, for No. 1 held all the threads in his hand, and had made the Party bureaucracy his accomplice, who would stand and fall with him, and knew it.’

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