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Labor: A source of Drama - “My Reading Life” – Bob Carr 

May 10th, 2012 · No Comments · Political Fiction

Rawson’s Book (Labor in Vain?: A Survey of the ALP, 1966) is sound political science, readable and relevant. Flciking it open, years after I reviewed it for the student paper, I’m struck now by this insight into the ALP:

“The ALP has always been a great source of drama, high and low comedy and even a little tragedy. Even when it is a political failure – or perhaps especially at those times – it is an unending source of human interest. It has provided a good broad canvas packed with a great variety of incident. It abounds in examples of nearly every human type except, of course, those who have no interest in gaining power and influence over their fellow men. It illustrates idealism and cynicism and the path from one to the other; it illustrates poverty and riches and poor men who want to become rich; ignorance and wisdom and ignorant men who seek to become wise. It shows most of the principal divisions of Australian humanity – men and women, working class and middle class, Catholic and Protestant, older and younger – in a magnified though also distorted form as they endeavour within or by means of the party to produce an environment in which they can be content.”

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