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Animal Farm and the Russian Kleptocracy – Why Orwell Matters” – Christopher Hitchens

July 3rd, 2011 · No Comments · Communism

Another unremarked element of the book, more striking with the passage of time, is its prescience. Everybody remembers that by the closing sentence, the frightened and famished beasts are unable to distinguish between the men and the pigs. But, in the scene which culminates with this line, Napoleon has actually invited Mr Jones to return, and changed the name of the enterprise back into ‘Manor Farm’. Trotsky in exile predicted that the Stalinist bureaucrats would one day sell off the socialized property that they had expropriated, and go into business on their own account. So, not only did Orwell produce a brilliant satire on the self-negation of Communism, he even anticipated its eventual terminus in a robber-baron Mafia capitalist state. Counter-revolutions devour their children, too.


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